The Aqua-Power is a physical condition training for people who wish to improve their level. Endurance and strength training in water are the main components of the Aqua-Power which leaves a very good combination with other sports, but it can also serve as a global training.
The Aqua-Power is perfect for training muscles and is great against stress.
During 30 minutes of Aqua-Power you burn without problems 360 calories. Reason: The resistance of the water slows the movements. Responsible for this forced slowness is the friction which is 790 times stronger than in water. Therefore, all the movements are very effective.
Since water provides buoyancy and the body only has to carry 10 percent of its weight, the joints, tendons and ligaments are also preserved.
The exercises are in water with a depth of 150 cm but they may take place in the depths. Participants should know how to swim.
The Aqua-Power is the method of training the most intensive that we offer. Ideal for sport participants of all ages who would like to practice throughout the year at constant conditions.

New classes start in September 2020!

Lessons (12 units at €80 + a deposit of €5 for the token) will begin every Monday at 19.00 hours.

Mandatory registration with Mr Jean-Claude Kemmer. 23620032-37 or by e-mail here

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