Fitness for all ages

Water aerobics is used to establish an offer of effective exercises to improve your physical condition and intensify your well-being.

The exercises accompanied by music are in water height to the thorax. Even in water exercise is a pleasure; water aerobics will show you. Participants train their endurance,
flexibility, strength and condition.

No one is too old to practice Aquagym. Even non-swimmers will be in good hands here.

New classes start in September 2020!

Lessons are quarterly, Include 12 sessions and cost €80 + a deposit of €5 for the token. The lessons will take place
Tuesday at 19.30 hrs, Wednesday at 19h30 hrs and Thursday at 18h30 hrs.
Senior water aerobics classes will be held Wednesday at 08.15 a.m. or 08.55 a.m. for the price of €8.50 per session.

We only accept 15 people in a class and you have to subscribe for a whole trimester.

The preliminary registration is required at Mr. Jean-Claude Kemmer at the
Tel: 23620032-37 or by E-Mail here

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Check our Aufguss schedules:

  • Kelo: 11h30 - 13h30 - 14h30 - 15h30 - 16h30
  • Volutta: 17h30 - 18h30 - 19h30