Movement and flexibility in water

Fun, amusement and a lot more. We offer a wide range of lessons for everyone: swimming for babies, familiarisation to water for toddlers, fitness classes for beginners and advanced. Last but not least our special classes for the third age.

Come and discover...

(12 sessions of 45' at the price of € 120,00 + a deposit of € 10 for the token).

Our next courses will start in September 2024.

The reservations will be open from the monday 15th April 2024.

Please book your places online on our website under the heading Swimming Lessons.

From the15th April 2024 to the Sunday 28th April 2024,

the customers who were registered in the courses in April - June 2024, have priority.

50% cancellation fee will be retained if you unsubscribe from the full course less than 8 days in advance and without presentation of a valid medical certificate.



Check our Aufguss schedules:

  • Kelo: 11h30 - 13h30 - 14h30 - 15h30 - 16h30
  • Volutta: 17h30 - 18h30 - 19h30