Birthday party


Game, fun and suspense for your birthday.

Come celebrate your birthday with us and you will receive a small gift and 2 free tickets for a next visit for you and a friend! At your booking you will receive invitation cards to invite your friends.

You have the choice between 2 formulas:
A - Pizzie and toasties + drink + icecream for €9,50 / pers.
B - Chicken nuggets or sausage + fries + drink + icecream for €11,50 / pers.

The duration of the stay for a birthdayparty in our center is 4 hours!

Choice between 2 supplements:

a birthday cake of your taste for €20 for 6 children and €40 for 12 children

an hour of animation for €25 (only for swimmers)

Bookings at Tel.: + 352/23620032-1 or or fill the form:

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